Sometimes, particularly on the Monday after you’ve moved into a new house, you just need a moment to pause and at least chuckle.  Check out this list of how management theory can help win a boat race…from  Definitely good for a laugh…especially the one about Management by Walking Around;)

One Minute Manager – It better be a short race if they are going to win.

Management by Walking Around – Only Jesus can do this for a rowing team.

Balanced Scorecard Management – Crossing the finish line is only one component of winning.

Theory of Constraints – Throw the weakest rower overboard.

Total Quality Management – Each rower gets feedback on each stroke as the race goes forward.

Two Factor Theory – The rowers need a clean boat and a big trophy.

7-S Management Theory – The boat doesn’t ever get anywhere, but it sure is organized nicely.

Blue Ocean Management – Row towards your own finish line and ignore those other teams.

Web 2.0 Management – Build the boat, let the crowd row for you. Even if you lose, maybe Google will like your boat and buy it from you.

Businesspundit Management
– Your team doesn’t make it to the boat because they are distracted by
a stack of business periodicals someone laid on the dock.

Boat Races and Management Theory