Mavericks at Work, like In Search of Excellence in the 80s is a great book, packed with ideas that will have an impact on countless organizations.  Whether you try and work out a tour of GSD&M or you’re content to simply have your staff read Mavericks, this will have an influence…potentially.

There are plenty of people talking about it.  Check out Bob Sutton’s take on the book.  Plus, if you don’t have Sutton on your radar he’d be a good one to add.  One of the authors of Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths And Total Nonsense, Bob has an interesting take and shares a story from another of his books: The Knowing-Doing Gap: How Smart Companies Turn Knowledge into Action (which I’ve got on my Christmas list!).

Want more on Mavericks?  Check out my November archive.  This book has a lot to say.

Bob Sutton on Mavericks