Are you trying to be something for your customers that you aren’t for your team members?  Think about it.  Are you trying to be a customer-focused organization but your work environment and experience is ho hum?  Have you figured out that in order to reach a certain market niche you’ve got to do things differently…but that hasn’t translated to the way you engage your team?

What if you discovered that in order to really be effective at connecting with the customers you’re targeting…you had to become different from the inside out?  What if you found out that all you’d invested in building a brand would only work if you developed your team first? 

In a great section of Mavericks at Work there is a repeated concept that is so good.  Here’s one quote that captures the idea:

"Any company with a disruptive business model has to be clear about the distinctive work experience it creates to support that model–and how that work experience shapes the customer experience (p. 207)."

Now, maybe you only want to be average.  Maybe you only want to be good enough.  That’s fair.  But if you want to be truly disruptive (I love that word!), if you want to be so different that you really are winning over your target, then you’ve got to create a distinctive feel in your workplace.  And I think it’s not about degree.  It’s all about becoming a different kind of place.

What do you think?

Branding from the Inside Out