There’s nothing like a session that results in a whiteboard full of great, brilliant ideas.  But if they stay just that, brilliant ideas alone don’t lead to change.  Actionable ideas lead to change.

Tripped across this great paragraph over on the Tom Peters blog today.  Thought you’d resonate with these words:

Our clients want to believe a brilliant idea can magically make a
difference. Need to fill your leadership pipeline? Hold leadership
training classes. Not as efficient as you would like to be? Educate the
organization in the Toyota Production System. Collaboration a problem?
Maybe some teambuilding activities. These are all good ideas and good
choices. They do not become actionable without the hard work required
to unfreeze old behaviors, remove existing organizational barriers,
build new reinforcement mechanisms into the system.

All in favor of change?  It takes more than brilliance, doesn’t it?

Brilliant vs. Actionable