How many times have you dreamed up an idea…a great idea…one that really is an elegant solution to a real problem…only to be told "no" and to be told "no" without any serious consideration?  Is there any solution to the kind of bureaucracy that turned down cockpit door locks prior to 9/11 and early mandatory evacuation?

I love this idea from Seth Godin:  "Appoint a CNO—chief no officer. No longer can someone say no to an idea and leave it at that. If you want to turn something down, you’ve got to pass it on to your boss. Then either he says yes or gives it to his boss. For a "no" to be official, it’s got to be approved by the chief no officer and countersigned by every manager along the way."

I love his question about "what happens to any organization that creates a culture where maintaining the status quo requires your boss to give you the okay?"  Read the whole article.

This would help, right?  What do you think?


Bureaucracy = Death