What helps you sort through ideas, arrive at an assumption, and then explain it?  For me it is almost always an illustration, graph, or metaphor.  For example, on my desk I have two 2 liter bottles of Coca Cola.  One of them has never been opened.  It’s tight, about to burst open, full of carbon dioxide gas.  When you shake it you can see the foam and you know that if you take off the lid it’s going to blow!!!  It’s got the real syrup, too.  Because it is the real thing.

I have a second 2 liter on my desk.  I opened it about four months ago and left it open until it began to grow something.  I closed it back up.  When you shake it nothing happens.  It’s still got the real syrup.  But without the CO2 it’s not the real thing.  It’s flat.  It’s got something growing in it, too.  But that’s another story.

Why do I have them on my desk?  I have them on my desk to compare the feeling at  Fellowship of The Woodlands with Lake Avenue Church.  There is an appreciable difference.  I connect it with life-change.  At Fellowship, you could not be in the lobby, in the parking lot, talking with someone at te grocery store without hearing about life-change.  "Our lives are different now."  "Our family is back together now."  "A year ago…"  I called that having a carbonated feel.

At Lake…well, we’re not there yet.  Hopeful, yes.  Moving in the right direction?  Sometimes.

I’m desperate for it!  How can I get it here?  I’m working on that part.  I’m pretty sure it’s a God thing.  And I’m longing for that tingling sensation.


Carbonation and Churches
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    Wow. I dig your coke bottle experience. It it black and white, impressing a very non-gray distinction. It is so cool I may have to steal this idea from you, but I will use Dr. Pepper.