Over the weekend I found a really cool blog resource called MyBlogLog.  I heard about it over at TypePad Hacks.  It lets me see where my readers come from and just as cool, where they link to next!  Why’s that

Cool Blogs/Sites

There are a couple sites I’ve added to my bloglines feedlist that are a lot of fun to check out.  One is Micro Persuasion.  Steve Rubel’s site is a constant deluge of cool new web technologies.  There’s an almost daily

Scoble Video

If you’ve been blogging for any length of time you’ve probably heard of Robert Scoble, as he calls himself, "A geek who works at Microsoft blogs about the technology industry."  Very influential, lots of knowledge about where things are headed


How do you check out the blogs you’re following?  Do you have them all bookmarked and then you just go to favorites for every one you want to check out?  That’s a hassle!  And you don’t know until you pull


Have you heard about coComment yet?  In the last two weeks both Steve Rubel and Robert Scoble have commented about coComment, an interesting new web based service that allows you to track your comments (and responses to them) on the