Silos, Politics and Turf Wars

Took a little time yesterday to read Patrick Lencioni’s newest book Silos, Politics and Turf Wars.  It’s another of Lencioni’s great business fables and a very fast read.  This one focuses on the story of a young business executive who

The Radical Leap

Picked up The Radical Leap : A Personal Lesson in Extreme Leadership by Steve Farber and read it on the plane last week.  It’s another one of the parable type books.  Similar in form to Patrick Lencioni or Ken Blanchard. 

A Prepared Mind

Whie I was at Borders yesterday I picked up a book called A Prepared Mind and spent just a few minutes looking it over.  They’ve been doing an overview over at 800 CEO READ and it really sounded great.  I

Getting Things Done

I’ve been hearing so much about Getting Things Done : The Art of Stress-Free Productivity that I picked up a copy yesterday.  I couldn’t put it down.  Simple stuff.  But this really looks like something that could help me!  My

Orbiting the Giant Hairball

Ever order a book and can’t remember why?  Some time back I put Orbiting the Giant Hairball on my Amazon wishlist and even though I couldn’t remember why…I ordered it.  It’s great!  The "hairball" represents the tangled mass of procedures