The Lords of Strategy

Where did business strategy originate?  When was it that understanding the business idea might make a difference?  The Lords of Strategy, by Walter Kiechel, III, is a fascinating new read that details the history of business consulting.  The short course

Design Thinking

The last few months have taken me on a fascinating journey into design thinking.  Books like The Design of Business by Roger Martin, Tim Brown’s Change by Design, and Design-Driven Innovation by Robert Verganti have given me a language and


What motivates what you do?  Is it money?  Is it reward or recognition?  Turns out that what motivates most of us isn’t what we’ve thought.  You may remember author Daniel Pink from his bestseller, A Whole New Mind.  He’s back

Six Pixels of Separation

My copy of Six Pixels of Separation worked itself to the top of the stack today.  Written by Mitch Joel, President of Twist Image, Six Pixels is an absorbing look into the art and science of connecting online.  A take-off