The Principle of The Path

Got my copy of Andy Stanley’s newest recently.  The Principle of the Path:  How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.  Very, very good.  If you’ve enjoyed Andy’s other books, you’ll love this one.  If

Awesomely Simple

Loving the new book by John Spence!  Awesomely Simple is a handy little book that details six key strategies for turning ideas into action.  No doubt you’ve got other books on your shelf that individually tackle these six strategies.  This

Stall Points

What causes exponential growth in an organization?  More to the point, what causes healthy growth to stall?  Are there leading indicators?  Are there signals that are observable that warn of impending trouble? I’ve been reading Stall Points by Matthew S.

How Breakthroughs Happen

What if breakthrough innovation is less about brand new ideas and more about combining parts of old ideas from a variety of sources to make something new?  It turns out that's how it is. One of the main ideas of

Discovery Driven Growth

Sometimes it's last in, first out on my stack. When Discovery-Driven Growth: A Breakthrough Process to Reduce Risk and Seize Opportunity by Rita Gunther McGrath and Ian C. MacMillan it looked too good to go to the bottom of the