The Price of NOT Making Change

So…are the people on your team trying to avoid change.  Are they simply trying to effectively deal with the change around them?  Or maybe they’re actually try to make change?  That’s actually a very critical distinction.  The people you want

The Change Monster

Looking for a good metaphor to use to launch a discussion about change?  I stumbled across a short version of The Change Monster yesterday.  Some really helpful concepts.  And a great map of the process.  You can see some of

An Inconvenient Video

Just watched this video on YouTube.  One of the blogs I read is Presentation Zen.  Always cool.  Great visuals.  Today’s post was about the work that Duarte Design did for Al Gore making his Inconvenient Truth presentation that led to

Recognizing External Change

Do you know the key questions in determining the difference between those who perform and those who don’t?  According to Ram Charan, author of  Know-How: The 8 Skills That Separate People Who Perform from Those Who Don’t there are 8

How to Change Your Tomorrow

Like most of us, you probably have hopes of doing something you’re not currently working on…you’re about to get to it…it’s a great idea…and you’ll be able to really apply yourself soon.  But like most of us, you’ve been thinking