Broken Windows

What does it mean to your customers when something is obviously broken and you do nothing about it?  John Moore over at Brand Autopsy has a really interesting thread going on broken windows, an idea that has roots in a

It Begins Today

Life is about seasons.  And for me, a new one begins today.  I’m starting my journey at Seacoast Grace Community Church today and I’m so excited!  When I had the chance to see what they were doing it just reminded

Another Sacred Cow

In my weekend post on Sacred Cows and Newsletters, err…Stock Tables I referred to Seth’s take on how newspapers around the country are beginning to eliminate the pages devoted to printing the closing prices of NYSE and NASDAQ stocks.  They’ve

Good Isn’t Good Enough

Another great post over on Mark Batterson’s Blog.  Check out this great take on Seth Godin’s new book, The Big Moo, featuring the writings of 33 of today’s most insightful business writers. From The Big Moo: "Jack Welch said, ‘When