Dreaming vs. Doing

How much time and energy does your organization spend talking about what to do?  And how much time and energy are you spending on execution (doing what you’ve dreamed about).  There was a good reminder over on 800-CEO-READ about Execution:

The Culture of Winning

What’s the culture like in your organization?  Is there a healthy, winning attitude?  Or do you have a losing attitude right now?  Here are 5 principles on transforming a culture of losing from the general manager of the Atlanta Braves,

Bureaucracy = Death

How many times have you dreamed up an idea…a great idea…one that really is an elegant solution to a real problem…only to be told "no" and to be told "no" without any serious consideration?  Is there any solution to the

Behaviors that Prevent Change

According to John Kotter there are four behaviors that commonly stop the launch of needed change.  "The first is complacency, driven by false pride or arrogance.  A second is immobilization, self-protection, a sort of hiding in the closet, driven by

The Status Quo

How many of us really like to change?  Oh, maybe we have dreams or goals, but when it’s time to actually implement a new strategy that brings the pain of change…tomorrow often looks pretty good. Good or bad, Walmart always