Do You Squidoo?

Do you squidoo?  Several months ago Seth Godin launched a cool (if a little unusual) idea called Squidoo.  It’s an interesting idea.  It’s free.  It gives you the opportunity to easily create web pages that can be used for all

Champions of Innovation

Interesting new feature over at BusinessWeek Online.  They’re launching a new quarterly feature called Inside Innovation that looks promising.  The first edition features and interesting Marissa Mayer (Google’s vice-president for search products and user experience) article.  There’s also a really

The Danger of Irrelevance

There are two basic dangers in not moving fast enough to meet the changing needs of your customers, or keeping up with the changing capabilities of your competitors.  The The Prepared Mind of a Leader refers to the first danger

The Dangers of Active Inertia

Are you in danger of active inertia?  Current and potential customers are constantly asking themselves (and you if you’re listening) "Can you meet their developing needs?"  They may have found you perfectly capable at some point, but as their needs

Not Just Better

If you’re in the business (like we are) of reaching a difficult market niche, you might be scratching your head (like we sometimes do) trying to figure out how to improve what you’re doing in order to more exactly capture

The Online Church

There was a great article earlier this week in the Los Angeles Times about how churches are using technology.  It mentions both Granger and  Both of these churches are using technology in a great way to reach their target.