Four Rules for Fast Teams

Speaking of Dave Ferguson, he points us to a great article from Fast Company’s archives called Four Rules for Fast Teams.  This is interesting stuff and could definitely lead to a really productive discussion around our place.  And it’s short

Thinking Big

Great article in Business Week by Diego Rodriguez of Metacool on thinking big by recognizing the place where business and design meet.  I love the three main points and they’re easily applicable to an organization that wants to innovate.  Check

Solution Generation

When you’re looking for better solutions when faced with a challenge, what do you do?  Do you pull everyone together and brainstorm?  Do you break out the whiteboard?  Do you break out Doug Hall’s new book, Jump Start Your Business

What Make A Great Product?

How do you determine whether what you’re convinced is a great product or service…is really a great product or service?  Beyond your opinion, I mean.  What are the earmarks of something that is really great? I’m reading Creating Customer Evangelists: