Hybels Sets the Record Straight

I don’t know about you, but it’s really bothered me that some have used alarmist headlines to mislead people about Willow’s direction.  Want the truth…from the horse’s mouth?  Here’s Bill Hybels’ take: Hybels’ Interview. Thanks to Todd over at MMI

Andy Stanley @ Exponential

There’s no question that Andy Stanley has had tremendous impact on my thinking over the last 10 years.  Love the way he thinks about vision, mission, the need for change, etc.  In terms of organizational ideas…he’s got it. Didn’t get

Andy Stanley Streamin’

Amazing confluence ($10 word) of technology today.  Andy Stanley at Exponential was suddenly streaming live via ustream.tv, brought live by Todd Rhodes over at Monday Morning Insight in what seemed to be an experiment.  To top it all off, I