Digging the New Coldplay

Enjoying a little downtime with new Coldplay CD as the soundtrack.  Several of the songs really pull me in.  Definitely growing on me.  Especially like Life in Technicolor (has an almost U2 feel) and Violet Hill.   Interesting to try and

Secret Agent Man

There’s a commercial on these days for Chase Bank…and the song always makes me want to listen to the whole song.  So here it is: ‘Course if you want some comedy you could listen to the David Hasselhoff version:

Rodrigo y Gabriela

One of my real passions is music.  Comes from growing up in the Howell family.  And I really do like just about all kinds.  Some time back I heard about Rodrigo y Gabriela.  A regular reader and commenter mentioned the

Modern Times

Don’t know if you call yourself a Bob Dylan fan.  I wouldn’t call myself one.  But I do like good music.  And I have to say this is a really good album.  I was driving one day last week and