Modern Times

Don’t know if you call yourself a Bob Dylan fan.  I wouldn’t call myself one.  But I do like good music.  And I have to say this is a really good album.  I was driving one day last week and

Dude…your Dell is on fire!

Sometimes they’re just too good to pass up!  How about this picture and caption from Engadget? Dude!  Your Dell’s on Fire! And how about this: if you should ever find yourself at a conference with us and someone’s laptop happens

Greatness Finds Him

Ok, I have to put these two pictures.  One of Kobe’s game winner.  And one of the sweet moments that followed.  And they were sweet!  Trust me, Kobe is in the middle of that group hug.  I wish you could’ve


Ok.  I see where Thursday is going.  A little off topic…but I’ve always loved Kobe on the court.  Here’s a great moment! When it happened…I spontaneously said, "boooooyah!"  Scared my dog and everyone else in the room.  Good times.  Lakers