Play Ball!

Assignment #1: Write a poem about Baseball and God by Philip E. Burnham, Jr. And on the ninth day, God In His infinite playfulness Grass green grass, sky blue sky, Separated the infield from the outfield, Formed a skin of

Pau to the Lakers!

If you didn’t catch the trade news…Pau Gasol to the Lakers!  As my son said…for a bag of balls! There were a lot of great lines in the news over the weekend.  I thought the best one was from Mark


Well…you can always hope…but sometimes when you hope, you’re only postponing the inevitable.  Lakers down 3 to 1 to Phoenix.  It would be awesome if somehow they could come from behind like last year’s Suns.  But should I hold my

Greatness Finds Him

Ok, I have to put these two pictures.  One of Kobe’s game winner.  And one of the sweet moments that followed.  And they were sweet!  Trust me, Kobe is in the middle of that group hug.  I wish you could’ve