Quotebook: Courage

If you were hiring for a journey from which you might not return…what kind of want ad would you run?  What about this ad for Ernest Shackleton’s South Pole expedition?  I’d say he was spot on…but definitely not a master

Tom Peters Daily Quote

Just subscribed to something new from Tom Peters.  He has a daily email with a quote of the day.  Good stuff…something to think about.  Loved today’s idea: Today’s triumph (or setback) is just one step in a long journey. That

Quotebook: Simplicity

Really finding some good stuff in my investigation of Church Unique by Will Mancini.  There’s been a lot written and said lately about simplicity.  How about this quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes? I would not give a fig for simplicity

Quotebook: Forecasting

What’s the difference between predicting the future and forecasting?  Take a look at this quote from futurist Paul Saffo: Prediction is concerned with future certainty; forecasting looks at how hidden currents in the present signal possible changes in direction for