The Secret to Results

So here’s the question of the day: What is the secret to obtaining results?  According to Peter Drucker the secret is not in identifying the wrinkles in your current plan.  It’s not in Six Sigma or TQM.  It’s not even

Knowing Your Customers

You’re working hard to develop a strategy to connect with what’s happening on the web and particularly with media on the web.  So you’re investigating YouTube and Second Life and Twitter and MySpace…all in a desperate attempt to do something

If the Right People Like It…

How hard are you trying to please everyone?  Or maybe, how often is "everyone" the answer to the question, "who’s your customer?"  Awkward wording!  What I’m getting at is this.  When you evaluate your strategy you ought to be able

The Pursuit of Problem-Free

One of the assumptions I have about strategy and strategic planning is that there is no problem-free solution.  In other words, every solution has a set of problems that accompanies it.  How do you determine which solution to use?  Most

Strategic Partnerships

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the power and benefits of forming strategic partnerships.  I know in our business the temptation or tendency is to add on a capability (program or service) in the effort to reach a larger

Managing for the Future

If you assessed the way your organization makes decisions, how much of what you’re deciding to do is about right now…and how much is about tomorrow?  Let me put it another way.  How much of what you’re determining to do

The Heart of Real Strategy

What is the secret to developing sustainable, long-term success?  According to Christian Mitreanu in Is Strategy a Bad Word, long term success happens when an organization learns to "understand and relate to its customers.  It is the ongoing cultivation of