Step One: Ask Why

Where do you start the process of determining how to do something?  I suggest you start by asking why.  Ask why you should even do it at all.  Ask why it’s important.  Ask why it needs to be done now. 

Choosing Your Models Carefully

Yesterday I linked to Kent Shaffer’s post about the Top 22 Churches.  Today there’s an interesting response over at Swerve,’s blog.  And it’s really worth checking out Stop Trying to Be Number One.  Some very good points…to me the


Ever start down a planning road, get pretty far down it, and then add a team member to the discussion only to find that what you’ve assumed as how-it-will-work is not at all what they’re assuming?  It happens to all

Getting From Here to There

So you’ve worked hard to develop a mission statement.  You even have a vision statement that’s your very own (not just borrowed from someone else).  And now you’re ready to launch.  Sort’ve. The problem many organizations are running into is