Pull is the New Push

Have you begun to understand the paradigm shift the culture is undergoing?  For instance, when was the last time you looked up a phone number in the yellow pages?  Opened up your newspaper to the movie section to get the

Managing by Facts

Came across another good synopsis of Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths And Total Nonsense over at Strategy + Business.  Here’s a hint at the content: The most striking thing about evidence-based management is that it forces executives to be curious, not

Perspective and Capacity

How do you determine how well your effort is going?  Do you base your determination on past performance (year over year)?  Do you benchmark against other similar projects in your area?  How do you determine whether you’re succeeding? I think

The Right Question

Albert Einstein said "Figuring out how to think about the problem" was the single most important step in developing the theory of relativity.  Isn’t that interesting?  And it makes total sense.  The question is how often do we really stop