Great Quote Strategy

"The company [Google] isn’t run for the long-term value of our shareholders but for the long-term value of our end users."  Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google As I’ve said many times, we need to be designed to reach the people

Why Do I Blog?

That is a good question.  Why do I blog?   I remember how I got into this blogging thing.  I somehow found out about Terry Storch’s blog.  Don’t remember how exactly…but he may have referred to it in a reply to

Flipping the Funnel

There is a well known Harvard Business School Case Study on Willow Creek Community Church’s mission.  Senior Pastor Bill Hybels has often spoken about responding to a comment from the room, calling their mission just about impossible, something like "turning


I was looking at our numbers for the last 3 years the other day.  What I noticed is that everytime we’ve bumped against a certain level…we’ve dropped back down 10 to 20%.  We’re at that level again. Seth Godin’s blog

The New Rules of PR

This has tremendous potential!  We’re always trying to figure out how to get the word out about what we’re doing.  We love word of mouth and the sneezers that love what we’re doing.  But is there a way to use

Simply Strategic

Looking for a really good look inside a fast growing, very innovative church?  Check out the Simply Strategic Show, brought to you by Tim Stevens and Tony Morgan, two of the senior staff at the very cool Granger Community Church.