The Beauty of Simplicity

There is a great article in the November Fast Company called The Beauty of Simplicty.  Talking about Google and simplicity, Marissa Mayar, Google’s Dirctor of Consumer Web Products, says, "Google has the functionality of a really complicated Swiss Army knife,

Multiple Styles

We’ve talked already about the idea that people are wired differently and are designed to respond to different communication styles.  I think there’s no question that we all have our own preferences.  Whether you’re talking about the message or sermon

More on Blended

And another thing…someone recently said that "if an iPod play list and shuffle feature isn’t a blend, I don’t know what is. Also, Sirrius radio’s 1000 channels allows you to “virtually blend” in real time as the mood hits." But

Seth Godin Online

If you’ve checked out Seth Godin’s Blog then you know how wide ranging his ideas are.  I’ve found it very helpful to check out, and I do it every day.  Never heard him speak, but I’ve enjoyed his books, especially