Seth’s Blog

Do you know Seth Godin?  I don’t know him…but I’m enjoying what he writes, and posts on his blog.  There were two very interesting posts on Friday.  One about Bill Gross, a sort’ve pioneer in internet marketing from an upcoming


“You can’t choose problem-free.  It doesn’t exist.  But you can choose the set of problems you’d rather deal with.”  I remember where I was sitting when I first heard that phrase.  Pastor’s Toolbox Seminar…left side…two thirds of the way back. 

Life-Sucking Silos

I’ve stumbled on a kindred spirit in Mark Waltz, Connections Pastor at Granger Community Church.  Recently he launched a series of posts in reply to this question from "New friend and fellow-blogger, Pete Bishop, from Crossroads Community Church in Adrian,

Narrow the Focus

One of the most challenging sections of the book, 7 Practices of Effective Ministry is on the critical importance of narrowing your focus if you hope to have real impact.  One of the great lines is that "your potential to