Again, Blue Ocean Strategy is just too sweet.  How about this thought:

"A common mistake is to discuss changes in strategy before resolving differences of opinion about the current state of play (p. 84)."  Sounds simple.  But it’s very profound and near the heart of the illness that I call "the lure of the next big thing."

Here’s where it comes in.  Your team or board realizes that someone else, another organization, is succeeding at something and you’re not.  The discussion goes to "why aren’t we doing that?"  Followed immediately by, "let’s do it, too!"  But because the current state of things is the product of the current values, etc. it can never really be the way the other organization is experiencing it.

Before anything else can happen, there needs to be genuine agreement about the current situation.  Not sugar-coated.  Real.  Not ministerially speaking.  Honest-to-goodness truth.  Then and only then can you start talking about changes in strategy.

How does that happen?  One painful step at a time.  Can it?  Yes.  But not by pretending that things are fine.


Changes in Strategy…Ooooops #1