Ok.  Talk about Web 2.0…Gliffy.com has got huge implications for me!  If you’re the kind of person who likes a good visual to go along with your talk…you’ll love it, too!

If you were along for the ride when I posted on Glen Hiemstra’s, Turning the Future Into Revenue, you’ll recognize the idea behind this diagram.

Check it out.  I created this one on Gliffy.com!  Mark Howell, with his limited web 2.0ness, was able to put it together.  Unbelievable what is available…free…on the web.  I love it!

Thanks to Logic + Emotion for the link!

Check Out Gliffy.com!
  • Thanks for the nice mention.
    If you’d like to change the border thickness of a shape, just select a shape and you will see the different properties on the top right of Gliffy. There is a line thickness button drop down, as well as other widgets for changing things like fill color, line color, drop shadow, etc.