Got BHAG?  If you’ve been awake in the last decade or so you’ve heard all about BHAGs.  Probably even set your own (or had them set for you!).  Jim Collins and Jerry Porras popularized the concept in Built to Last.  The question is, how do you feel about them?  Do you feel inspired?  Miffed that you didn’t have more input?  Do you scoff when they come up in meetings?  How do you feel about them?

There’s a good piece today over at Tom’s blog.  It challenges the idea and suggests substituting a CCAG.  Clear and Compelling Audacious Goals.  Seems when Collins and Porras first mentioned the BHAG (in Building Your Company’s Vision, a 1996 article in the Harvard Business Review) they wrote that the BHAG must be "clear and compelling."

So, the question is, how do your BHAGs stack up?  Are they clear and compelling?  Or just hairy?

You can check out the whole piece right here.

Clear and Compelling Goals