When people come to your website what do they see?  Can they understand what you’re about in a glance?  Does the clutter say, "We’re not really sure what is important…so we’re highlighting EVERYTHING!"  Think Yahoo.  Can you tell what that’s about?  How about Google?  Think about the difference between those two sites.

In this weeks BusinessWeek Online there is a great story about Larry Tesler, Yahoo’s new "Vice President of User Experience."  Don’t you love his title?  (What if a church thought about user experience?  Can I tell you a secret?  Some do.)  According to the article, Carefully Clearing Yahoo’s Clutter, "he’s charged with fine-tuning some of the Internet’s primest real estate: the Yahoo.com home page" which has been described by some as "the single most contested issue within the company."

Think about it.  If Yahoo, with millions of daily users, feels that they must get more clarity…

I think this is huge for the church to understand.  If people can’t figure out what is important to you…and believe me, no one buys the idea that everything is important…then you can hardly blame them if they’re confused or they just don’t get it.


Clearing Yahoo’s Clutter