Think about the places you love to go.  Certain shops, a particular restaurant, a favorite bookstore.  We all have them.  Lewis Carbone’s book, Clued In : How to Keep Customers Coming Back Again and Again, makes the case for the fact that we prefer those places "because of experiences and clues embedded in them that are valued (or devalued) by our feelings as we encounter them."

That is an important observation.  Maybe it’s obvious, maybe not.  I think the key to whole book though is that those experiences and clues "become the reality of how we build our loyalties (p. 61)."

But here’s an important concept to remember: "in the aftermath of a transaction, the way people remember and value an experience emotionally will have everything to do with their ultimate commitment to an organization or a brand–far more than what actually did or did not happen in the purely rational sense (p. 65)."  That is HUGE!

So the question becomes, can those experieces and clues be managed?  Can we do certain things, carefully assemble our effort, so that the embedded clues and experiences give us the best chance of retaining customers…the way the best restaurants, doctors and bookstores do?  And then answer is YES!

How?  Stay tuned.  That’s the second half of the book!

Clued In : How to Keep Customers Coming Back Again and Again