Ever tried to figure out why it’s so hard to keep everyone focused on the mission, get along, and stay within the budget…all at the same time?  One of the most helpful talks I ever heard at Willow was one that Jim Dethmer did on the concept of Community, Cause and Corporation…his way of describing the tension that exists in almost every organization.  Did you ever hear it?  This metaphor is one that your team will find really helpful.

The recording is no longer available…but Jim graciously allowed me to post it here.  It’s in two parts.  Check it out!

Click HERE to listen to part one of Community, Cause and Corporation.
Click HERE to listen to part two of Community, Cause and Corporation.

Community, Cause and Corporation
  • This is one of the most helpful presentations I have ever heard as well. I was fortunate to hear Jim present it at Willow.
    Thanks for making it available online.
    What is Jim doing these days?
    Keep creating,

  • Randy Mitrovich

    I too heard the presentation in 1991 at Willow. I was wondering if you still had the handout Jim gave with that session.