There is a great interview with Jim Collins over at The Leadership Journal.  Fitting right in with our conversation here, Collins points us to some really key ideas that have everything to do with allowing the necessary to speak. 

One of the things he talks about is the fact that an indication that you’ve got the right people on the bus and that they’re in the right seats on the bus, is that they’re able to ask: "What are the brutal facts that we must confront?"  And that, friends, is at the heart of allowing the necessary to speak.  If no one’s actually confronting the brutal facts…crafting a compelling vision statement is the least of your worries.  I love Collins’ answer to the question, "How does a church move toward greatness?":

By getting the right people in key seats. These right people then ask, "What are the brutal facts we must confront?"

Notice what I did not say. They do not begin with a vision to rally people around. They say, "Let’s get some strong people in key seats who care about the cause we’re engaged in. Even though we don’t know the strategy or the end vision, there is an allegiance to the mission. Then they confront, Why aren’t we great? What do we need to do to move the flywheel toward a higher level of performance?

So, why aren’t we great?  What do we need to do to move the flywheel toward a higher level of performance?  Simple.  And at the same time extremely challenging.

You can read the rest of Collins’ interview here.

Confronting the Brutal Facts
  • Good posting! I can sense your passion around these issues.
    The inability to give voice to the brutal facts is a source of pain for many of the clients I serve.
    I always bring this issue up as part of my brand ownership model and it nearly always results in a conversation about what has not been acknowledged within the organization.
    Self-deception is tough on organizational effectiveness and our individual hearts.
    Thanks for a passionate enlargement of this conversation.

  • Thanks, Mike! There is much that is below the waterline for many of our organizations. Only by going through the tunnel of chaos and confronting the truth can we change what is there.