There are a couple sites I’ve added to my bloglines feedlist that are a lot of fun to check out.  One is Micro Persuasion.  Steve Rubel’s site is a constant deluge of cool new web technologies.  There’s an almost daily rabbit trail awaiting.  What’s the real value to me personally?  I’m never really sure, but often enough I find out about something that leads me to a new idea.  In today’s post he had a link to controlling your inboxes.  This might have some potential for better organizing all the stuff that comes into my life everyday.

Another site that I’ve added is called Monkey Bites.  It’s a pretty cool collection of links.

And I have to say that Dave Ferguson’s blog is a really good daily read.  Today’s post on the beginnings of his idea for a multi-site in Chicago is very good.


Cool Blogs/Sites