Dscn0672 I decided last night that after reading the first 75 pages of Mavericks at Work I had to see if I could get a first hand look at GSD&M.  I was so inspired by what I was reading that I asked the cab driver if he knew where it was.  When he told me we were about to go right by it I started thinking about trying to get in and see the place for myself.  And this morning I saw it.  Of course, I didn’t make it past reception…but it was still cool!

I didn’t make it back to the "Roytunda" (an homage to GSD&M president Roy Spence) where their values are written in the beautifully stained and polished concrete floor (community, winning, restlessness, freedom and responsibility, curiosity, integrity) but I did snap this picture of a cool saying that captures the vibe.  Visionary Ideas That Make A Difference.  I like that.


P.S. The receptionist gave me the card of the person who sets up tours.  Wanta come with me?

P.P.S. Check out this Fast Company article for more on GSD&M.

Crashing in on GSD&M