When you think about your organization…to the extent that you have figured out what business you’re in and what you’re going to call success…are you stuck trying to meet basic expectations?  Or have you moved on to take a crack at understanding your customers’ desires?  Let’s just say, if you haven’t moved from simply trying to meet expectations to understanding desires, you’re probably only temporarily in the game.

If you want to be more than a temporary fix, you’ve got to get a handle on desires.  Love what Chip Conley has to say in Peak: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow:

companies spend too much time just trying to achieve basic customer
satisfaction at the bottom of the pyramid. Purely creating customer satisfaction won’t necessarily tame your
customer’s tendency to wander in an increasingly promiscuous marketplace. Tapping into customers desires can be a means
of creating differentiation, which can be your cure in an increasingly
commoditized world. When customer’s
desires are met, they are substantially more likely to come back for more, and
tell others (p. 40-41).”

Where are you on this one?  There?  Moving in the direction?  Wondering what that big sucking sound is?

Creating Differentiation