Think "satisfaction" is enough?  Turns out that satisfying your customer is only the entry-level bet, just enough to get you in the  game but not enough to keep playing.  As we learned in Peak, customer satisfaction is not enough.  By now, we all recognize that satisfaction is offered everywhere.  Very satisfied is what we’re going for.  Right?  How ’bout noooooo.  We’re actually looking for something even beyond or distinct from very.  How could that be?

Taking another look at Human Sigma, I came across this section:

Empirical results from a large and growing number of case studies suggest that customers who are extremely satisfiedthose who provide the highest rating of overall satisfaction with a company’s products or servicescan be classified into two distinct groups: those who are emotionally satisfied and those who are rationally satisfied (p. 76).

What’s the significance?  Customers without the emotional edge are still more likely to defect.  Emotionally satisfied customers "buy more products, spend more for those products, and return more often or stay longer with the business (p. 77)."  Rational customers?  "Behave no differently than customers who are dissatisfied (p. 77)."

You’re killing me!  Are you telling me we need to get our customers all the way to emotionally satisfied?  Apparently the answer is "yes".  How do we do it?  Stay tuned.  Or pick up your own copy of the book.  You can do that RIGHT HERE.

Creating Emotionally Satisfied Customers