How intentional are you at the day to day?  On a flight today I reread several chapters in one of my favorite books, Turning the Future Into Revenue.  I always feel like I need to immediately clarify that this is a great book no matter your interest in the business side of anything.  The second half of the book is one of the very best sections on strategic decision making and strategic thinking I’ve ever found.  Just awesome.

As I read today I came back across a portion of the vision statement of Whole Foods Market.  Think about the significance of the last sentence in their statement: "The future we will experience tomorrow is created one step at a time."  That says it all!  If you really want to get to what you’ve identified as your preferred future you need to be aware of the fact that it’s created one step at a time.  And the sooner you’re aware of that great reality the better!

Creating the Future…One Step at a Time