One of the great early recognitions of A Prepared Mind is that the day-to-day work of strategic thinking is hard work.  What happens in the midst of the hard work?

  • First, there is the time spent thinking through the multiple potential futures that every organization faces.  Goals make the thinking process more than a "shot in the dark."
  • Next, strategic thinking is about addressing things that can actually change.  Actions that can be quantified.  It’s not just about theoretical.  It’s about elements that can actually change.
  • Last, strategic thinking must always consider "the consequences of planned actions."  That is, consider the range of possible consequences to your planned actions at the beginning of your process.  This step takes into consideration that "every solution brings about a unique set of new problems (p. 23)."  This is a great corollary to the idea of problem free.

A Prepared Mind is great!  I highly recommend it.

Day-to-Day Strategic Thinking