Ever had the argument about whether or not your organization should change a product or a service?  To bring it in line with the times or meet an unmet customer need?  Someone on your team argues that it's too risky to change a good thing.  Someone else argues that it used to a be a great thing, now it's only a good thing.  Someone else blurts out, "We've got to change now!  Before it's too late!"  Still another person, maybe you says, "It is too risky to do today…but when we're out of this current mess we'll look at it."

All of us have had that argument, haven't we?  What is the right thing to do when it's a choice between yesterday and tomorrow?  I love this quote from Peter Drucker:

"Of course innovation is risky.  But so is stepping into the supermarket for a loaf of bread.  All economic activity is by definition 'high risk.'  And defending yesterday–that is, not innovating–is far more risky than making tomorrow (p. 174, Inside Drucker's Brain)."

Defending yesterday.  Just came up with a new counterargument…

Defending Yesterday