Picked up my copy of Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh today.  Don’t know if you know the story of Zappos.com but this is a great read!  I really only knew two things about Zappos when I opened up the book.  First, they are well known for their practice of offering new employees a lot of money to quit.  Second, they are known for offering “superior customer service.”

Delivering Happiness is more than the story of Zappos though.  It’s really a look at “the highlights of the path that [Hsieh] took in [his] journey toward discovering how to find happiness in business and life (p. xii, Delivering Happiness).”

You need to know that this is a really fun read!  Some books are packed with helpful takeaways but a pain to work through.  Others are just plain engaging, page turners, that end up being very impactful.  An hour on the front porch and I found myself on page 76 and reluctantly setting it aside for the night.

I’ve got to say there are not many books that I trip across that are as fun to read as this one.  Probably not since Chip Conley’s Peak have I been this captivated by the story itself.  Interesting to me that Peak was also really the story of a superior customer service organization.

Delivering Happiness is a great read.  I highly recommend it.

Delivering Happiness