Have you ever taken a serious look at the individual programs of your church?  What if you worked through each area of ministry, each individual program, and simply asked, "whose needs are designed to be met?"  Or maybe, "who would want to come to this?"  Need an example?  What if you looked at your Sunday morning worship service and asked, "whose needs are designed to be met in this hour?  (or 90 minutes…)  Maybe you want to say, "it’s designed to appeal to everyone."  HA!  GET REAL!  Nothing appeals to everyone.  Think McDonald’s vs. Outback.  Maybe you want to say, "it’s like medicine.  You take it because it’s good for you, whether you like it or not."  HA!  Are you serious?  You can’t really believe that anyone will come to your service just because it’s good for them…like bad-tasting medicine.

Have you ever taken that kind of in-depth look at what you’re doing?  What if you realized that EVERYTHING you’re doing is really only designed to appeal to Christians who are already attending your church (or another one just like you)!  Would that trouble you?  Maybe you think that’s how it should be?  Let me ask you a question.  What if the first group of Christians had had that attitude?

Designed for the Wrong Target