Who is your product designed for?  And before you object to the idea that you’ve got a product…get over it!  We all have products.  Doesn’t matter whether you’re a non-profit or a service business…you still have a product line.  The question is, "Who is your product designed for?"

I also realize that you might have a kind of legacy product; one that you more or less inherited.  It may seem crazy, but this is an even more relevant discussion for you!  After all, if you’ve got a legacy product it might be designed for people who’ve been dead awhile!

Back to the question.  Maybe even the question behind the question.  Is your product designed with someone in mind?  If so, who?  If not, why not?

I love this Steve Jobs quote from a recent interview with Fortune magazine, senior editor Betsy Morris.  When asked about Apple’s connection with the customer, Jobs said:

It’s not about pop culture, and it’s not about fooling people, and it’s
not about convincing people that they want something they don’t. We
figure out what we want. And I think we’re pretty good at having the
right discipline to think through whether a lot of other people are
going to want it, too. That’s what we get paid to do.

I wonder how often we’re figuring out first what we want and whether anyone else would want it, too?  Or how often we’re simply keeping our head down, working at a task that no longer really meets the existing demand?  Or how often we’re perpetuating a product for a customer that isn’t even around anymore?


You can check out the whole article right here.

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Designing Your Product for the Right People