Ever realized suddenly that you were talking with an insider, clueless to the world outside the organization?  I had a brief verbal sparring match with someone this morning.  He wanted to know why we had a display of classic cars in the parking lot.  "It seems a little bit of a compromise," he said to me.  I stepped to his side and gestured to the homes across the street.  "Across the street and for as far as you can see are men that never step foot in here.  This is one Sunday when they might.  We want them to feel at home if they come today.  They, the over 200,000 people who live within 20 minutes in every direction and aren't here today are the reason the classic cars are parked where they are today."

Loved the line from Inside Drucker's Brain today.  So to the point for all of us.

"The bigger and apparently successful an organization gets to be, the more will inside events tend to engage the interests, the energies and the abilities of the executive to the exclusion of his real tasks and his effectiveness in the outside (p. 181, Inside Drucker's Brain)."

Developing and Maintaining an Outside-In Perspective
  • I second your “love” of the Drucker quote!
    Working with client companies I’ve grown to literally “feel” how the energy is turned inward rather outward toward customers.
    And the same is true for many churches, but you know that.
    Thanks for stirring things up with Drucker.
    Keep creating,