Is your business geared towards today’s realities?  Maybe I need to debug a couple things.  First of all, we ALL are in a business of some kind.  It may not be "for-profit".  You may not think of it as a business.  But, as Peter Drucker said, "What business are you in?" and "How’s business?" are two questions right at the heart of what defines success.   So…we’re all in a business, right?  Second item to debug might be the idea of "today’s realities."  What I’m getting at is the idea that life today is just different than it was even a decade ago.  But it is very different than it was 50 years ago.  We all need to be honest about how relevant our business actually is, as currently defined.

So, those two items debugged, is your business geared towards today’s realities?

Let me give you a frame of reference.  In Welcome to Offer World, Seth Godin breaks down how a stranger might be converted to a customer in today’s reality.  The short version is that many web-based efforts attempt to do this:  offer —> sale

when it really works like this:
offer—> sample —> permission —> learning —> sample —> sale —> subscription.

Now, I believe this translates into ALL of our worlds.  But we’re not geared this way.  So we need to be retooled if we’re going to have any chance of succeeding.

What do you think?

Be sure and check out Seth’s whole post.

Developing Strangers into Customers