An earlier post took a look at Peter Drucker’s concept of abandoning yesterday’s successes in order to create tomorrow’s.  It is a frightening concept for many.  The idea that you might cancel a program when it is obviously working for a group of people borders on insanity…or at least foolishness!  Of course, whether the program is working depends on what you are now calling a win.  If you have already done the hard work of clarifying what a win is you may be ready to begin to narrow the focus and begin the practice of abandonment.

Here’s the Drucker Abandonment Question of the Day:  "If we did not do this already, would we, knowing what we know, go into it now?" (January 6, The Daily Drucker)

What if you lined up your whole slate of offerings and asked that question line by line?  Talk about frightening!  But you could do it.  You could take a look at all that you’re offering and item by item ask the question.  The key would be what you’d do next…but you could do it.  And then you could begin to figure out how to narrow your focus to just those things that make sense now.

Developing the Practice of Abandonment