Enjoying a little downtime with new Coldplay CD as the soundtrack.  Several of the songs really pull me in.  Definitely growing on me.  Especially like Life in Technicolor (has an almost U2 feel) and Violet Hill.   Interesting to try and puzzle out the lyrics.

Ready to download your own copy?  You can do that right here:
Coldplay - Viva la Vida

Digging the New Coldplay
  • Mark
    My son’s group opened their summer tour last weekend at the Rainbow Room on the Sunset Strip. They will be making their way up to Anaheim, and up the coast. I will send you a copy of their CD Mark next week. Check out their promo video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oH6m7qwusEk
    My son is Andres, lead singer, guitarist, songwriter of all Fusse (pronounced Foo-say) music. You will laugh at the made up rap on the clip. Their music is like a cross between John Mayer and Dave Matthews band.