Sometimes it's last in, first out on my stack. When Discovery-Driven Growth: A Breakthrough Process to Reduce Risk and Seize Opportunity by Rita Gunther McGrath and Ian C. MacMillan it looked too good to go to the bottom of the stack.  It releases on March 16th.  In the meantime, here's what caught my eye in the first few pages:

Business as usual is unlikely to lead to breakthrough growth.  Left to their own devices, employees of most companies will come up with incremental, rather than breakthrough ideas.  This is to be expected, as most people will have spent their careers being rewarded for doing incremental things.  Breakthrough growth, however, requires that adjust people's aspirations upward, to help them focus on bigger ideas.  As Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon.com notes: "I think you need to make sure, with the things you choose to do, that you are able to say, 'If we can get this to work, it will be big.'  An important question to ask is, 'Is it big enough to be meaningful to the company as a whole if we're very successful?'"

Great question.  One we rarely ask.  One we should be asking at the outset.

Discovery Driven Growth
  • Love the question!
    The value of the right question asked by the right person at the right time is enormous.
    This one goes in the vault!
    Keep creating…questions worth asking,

  • Wow – thanks for agreeing that the topic is hugely important, especially now. I’ll look forward to further thoughts.

  • And if you are a federal innovator, then the question is not whether it will be of importance to the company but of significance to the nation, or the world. That is the world-changing attitude that has driven Silicon Valley for decades.

  • Yes! Thank you Marcos! Great insight!