I realized this morning that what I really liked about today’s Seth Godin’s post about getting to work finding the next big thing…a follow-up to yesterday’s post about how you have to change strategy to reach new levels of success…is that it’s really all about disrupting the status quo.  And that’s a language that I understand.

And I love the fact that he’s so emphatic about the reality that it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to reach for what Seth calls "Big Max".  I like that.  That’s an artificial barrier.

He writes, "The cost of inventing, prototyping, manufacturing and especially advertising a new thing, concept, service or organization is a tiny fraction of what it used to be. In some industries, you can do it for 1% of what it used to cost."

But if it’s not about throwing big amounts of cash at it, then what?  It’s really more about "going way outside your comfort zone to see what happens when you disrupt the status quo."

So, the question is, how long are you going to wait around?  Isn’t it worth trying something new to get to the next big thing?


Disrupting the Status Quo