Struggling to get things done on your most important projects?  Maybe getting to the end of the month and realizing that you haven’t moved an inch down the field on the one thing that will make the greatest difference?  Take a few minutes and listen to this great interview with Michael Kanazawa (author of BIG Ideas to BIG Results: Remake and Recharge Your Company, Fast).  Really worth a listen.  All about focus and alignment, on making tough choices, saying no more often, killing projects that ought to be killed.

Looks like a fantastic book.  I’ve ordered mine.  You want to pick one up and read along you can do that right here.

By the way, I haven’t linked to Lisa Haneberg’s blog, Management Craft in a while but is has been the source of several podcasts that have alerted me to some really good insights.  I highly recommend it. 

Do More On Less
  • Mark – thanks for the link and II am glad you like the podcasts. I think focus is one of the most significant challenges for manager and leaders today – there are simply too many ways to be distracted and too many decent ideas to chase.

  • YES! Focus is the key! Thanks Lisa.

  • Mark
    Thanks for the perspectives on the book and podcast. Looks like you are doing great work in the world, so I’m glad you found value in this. You’ve really picked up on the essence of what makes it all work. Lisa does a great job in getting to the heart of things in her interviews too. I appreciate your help in spreaidng the word (in this case I mean about my book).

  • My pleasure Mike! Hoping my copy arrives today. Looks terrific!